Swiss Loyalty Cards – Four-time test winner

With Swiss Loyalty Cards you can collect up to 1% cashback on all your payments worldwide. The cashback is credited directly to your poinz app every 24 hours.

It only takes you 10 minutes to get your Swiss Loyalty Cards. You need the poinz app to apply for the cards.

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The best credit cards in Switzerland

The independent online comparison service examined in a study the conditions of 168 Swiss credit cards and prepaid credit cards in June 2022. In the process, poinz Swiss Loyalty credit cards were named four-time test winners.

Winner for occasional user

Winner for infrequent user

Winner for Switzerland

Winner for Shopper

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Your advantages

The Swiss Loyalty Cards are officially issued by our partner "Swisscard AECS GmbH". poinz has no knowledge of or access to your data at any time.

Free credit cards

1% cashback worldwide with the Swiss Loyalty American Express Card 1

0,25% cashback worldwide with the Swiss Loyalty Visa Card 1

3% cashback (up to max. CHF 100) in the first 3 months with the Swiss Loyalty American Express Card 3

Mobile Payment

Return of goods insurance

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Frequently asked questions

Our tips:
Deposit your Swiss Loyalty Cards with your favourite services to receive cashback automatically:

Deposit your cards with Apple / Google Pay and pay with your smartphone

You can order your Swiss Loyalty Cards directly via the poinz app or via this link:

The process should take no longer than 10 minutes, including your verification (either directly via video call or by sending in your passport).

The data you provide will be securely and exclusively entered and stored by Swisscard AECS (issuer of various credit cards, including the Swiss Miles & More credit cards). poinz has no knowledge of or access to this data at any time.

It's very simple. When you apply for your credit card, enter your Swiss Loyalty Number, which you will find in the poinz app. This means that the cashback can be credited to you automatically in the poinz app every time you make a payment.

As soon as you have received your Swiss Loyalty Cards, you will receive the cashback credit on your payments every 24 hours.
In certain cases, the credit may take 48 hours.

Yes, there are absolutely no costs for you. The poinz app is also free of charge.

After a successful credit card application, you will receive your Swiss Loyalty Cards within 5-7 working days.

Yes, you will find your "Swiss Loyalty Number" in the poinz app, which you must enter when applying for a credit card.

Swiss Loyalty Cards
in comparison

You receive the Swiss Loyalty Cards as a duo:

Programma bonus1 Swiss Loyalty balance on card payments2 1 % 0,25%
Welcome offer %33 --
Partner program American Express® SelectsSM offers yes --
Insurance4 Return Protection Insurance yes
Various additional insurance
(all offers on
liable to costs
Card services Cash withdrawal yes
Installment facility5 yes
Swisscard app with balance notification6 free
Contactless payments yes
Mobile payments7 yes
3-D Secure – secure online shopping yes
Notification in the event of any card transactions with suspected fraud yes
Customer service yes
Spending limit, max.
(for all cards together, depending on creditworthiness)
CHF 10 000
Card replacement 48 hours (generally)
Account management (currency) CHF
No liability8 in case of theft or loss of card yes
Methods of payment Payment slip, direct debit (DD), e-statement yes
FEES Annual fee principal cards CHF 0
Annual fee additional cards CHF 0
Cash withdrawal at ATM in Switzerland 4%, at least CHF 5
Cash withdrawal at ATM abroad9/counter 4%, at least CHF 10
Foreign currency and cross border handling fee 2,5%
Annual interest as from posting date 14%
Handling fee for paper statement
(per monthly statement)
CHF 1.95
Phone service fee
(except for card blocking and complaints about the monthly statement)
CHF 1.90/per call
Copy of monthly statement (
((per orde)
CHF 10
Duplicate monthly statement to your own or another address
(annual flat rate)
CHF 25
Postage abroad
(per monthly statement, plus fee for paper statement)
PostFinance fee for payment at a counter
(price from the post office charged for cash payments at a post office counter)
according to current post office rates
Replacement card
(e.g. in the event of loss, theft or willful damage)
CHF 25
Card delivery by express or courier effective costs, at least CHF 25
Payment reminder fee CHF 30
Address enquiry CHF 30
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  1. The Swiss Loyalty program grants a cashback percentage on eligible card payments (2). The accumulated amount is credited to the Swiss Loyalty account once a month, provided that the account has not been cancelled at that point in time. The offers and services described are provided by third parties. Their General Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Except for fees, interest, back-charges, cash withdrawals, payments for bank transfers and currency exchanges (also into monetary surrogates such as cryptocurrencies, Travelers Cheques, topping up cashless payment methods etc.) as well as payments to securities brokers, payments for services associated with the card (e.g. optional insurance) and any gaming or similar gambling transactions.
  3. In the first three months after the card has been issued, you will receive 3% cashback with the poinz Swiss Loyalty American Express Card, up to a maximum amount of CHF 100. Only applies to new clients (principal cardholders) of poinz Swiss Loyalty Cards. Only possible once per person.
  4. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (including information for persons insured under collective insurance) to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability) which can be viewed at or requested from Swisscard AECS GmbH.
  5. The issuing of credit is not permitted, if it may lead to excessive debt.
  6. The issuer’s services offered in/by the Swisscard app may not be available, available to a restricted extent or only available liable to costs, depending on the card product.
  7. Detailed information at
  8. No liability, provided that all obligations to cooperate and exercise due care were complied with in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC).
  9. Spending on the lottery, betting and casinos is treated like ATM withdrawals (abroad).