Cashback. Always and everywhere.

Get automatically cash back on every purchase with poinz. Whether you're shopping, booking a vacation, eating out or using your streaming platform.

Simply download the poinz app and get started right away. Benefit additionally from attractive offers from our brand partners: deals, coupons, loyalty cards or competitions.

Also collect money online

Access over 100 relevant online shops/booking platforms via the poinz app and get money back there too. 2 clicks are enough.

Exclusively at poinz: voucher cards with money back

That's only available from us. Buy digital vouchers for yourself directly in the poinz app or give them to your friends. Always with money back, of course. No joke.

poinz Cards

With our free poinz credit cards you get cashback (1% American Express, 0.25% VISA) on all your purchases worldwide. Automatically in your poinz app.

Credit cards for free

Up to 1% cashback worldwide

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Further functions of the poinz app.

Digital stamp cards, attractive deals with 50% discount, spontaneous coupons or surprising scratch-off tickets and competitions: you won't get bored.

Forgotten/lost stamp cards are a thing of the past. An overfilled wallet is also a thing of the past. With poinz, you always have all your cards at hand, wherever you are.
Benefit from top offers with 50% discount. No printing out or complicated redeeming. Everything directly via the poinz app.
Store all your customer cards (Cumulus, Supercard, Ikea Family Card, etc.) in the poinz app. This also relieves the burden on your wallet.

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